Software Asset Management

P-TRACKER - Collects usage information on all program and subprograms loaded/executed under z/OS.It covers all environments: batch, IMS/DC, CICS and other sub-systems. Using P-Tracker, one can focus in on usage of modules, datasets, applications and products/licenses and for inhouse applications determine the chained calls at loaded sub-programlevel. One can quickly and easily identify applications and products that are unused, under-used, duplicated or scattered.

Automatically records every program/task invocation on the system, including sub-system level when required. [Assembler, 3GL, 4GL, REXX interpreter, PROCs, JCL, Clist,..]

ASC - AutoSoftCapping - ASC optimizes the performance of your system while controlling your Workload License Charges. ASC safeguards the right MSUs are in the right place, at the right time and for the right cost. ASC offers savings in license charges and capacity optimization to those z/OS sites having multiple LPARs on the same CPC, possibly with different peak times, and preferably under a sub-capacity agreement like VWLC or AWLC. Most z/OS customers under sub-capacity agreements use GCL so this means that they suffer group capping issues when a single partition becomes capped, and the effect is that they cannot easily manage who to give the best service to during capping times. It is useful also for those not having a full variable agreement with IBM (and other ISVs offering workload licenses), aiming to reduce production capping times, and to "enlarge" the capping effect generated by the R4HA mechanism.

CCP-Tool is an interactive z/OS orientated solution that allows a Data Centre to perform IBM zSeries financial planning from a CPU capacity and associated Workload License Charging (WLC) software cost viewpoint.

Zetaly is a set of non-intrusive software for analysis and support decision of the IBM mainframe environment.Mainframe SMF logs are collected in real time and stored in a relational database platform (Microsoft SQL Server). The data are constantly updated building a powerful source of strategic information from your z/OS environment and all its production.This has a major impact in reducing the MSUs required in mainframe for logging of SMF records such as CICS transactions, in some cases reducing MSU overhead by up to 7%. The Suite includes explorers for CPU resource usage, Datasets usage by applications, IO Usage, DASD storage resource usage, CICS transactions account usage, and much more.