z/OS Enhancement Software - Operations & Applications

ZIP/390 is an enterprise zip and Multi-Platform Integration utility for simplifying the efficient and secure trafficking of data across divergent platforms and competency levels within the enterprise and beyond. Employing the ZIP standard, ZIP/390 reduces the logistics, time and cost of exchanging files between all major computing platforms and other Zip utilities (currently deployed on servers, desktops, mobile devices, and the cloud). Banking level encryption helps address security compliance by providing strong data level protection, while in transit and at rest.

SoftDATE - Date-dependent processing is universal across a wide variety of applications in all industry segments and is as important as ever in the on-demand, SOA world. Today, many z/OS mainframe applications serve Business Process Management across multiple platforms using de facto standards such as DB2 Stored Procedures, SQL, Java and XML. This BPM integration requires exact date and time consistency to ensure results are reliable for rapidly expanding user communities, reducing risk to the minimum. Softdate is the most technologically advanced product in the market, providing unique and exclusive features simply unavailable elsewhere. For example, Parallel Sysplex support, CICS MRO (Multi Region Operation) support, z/OS 64-bit support for data above the 2-gig bar, Java language support for all execution environments (e.g. batch, CICS, IMS, WebSphere Application Server).

JES2Mail and JES2FTP are z/OS based programs specifically targeted at the transformation and efficient/secure "push" delivery of mainframe print content via Email and FTP - in standard universally supported formats (i.e., PDF, HTML, RTF, comma-delimited, and XML.) The products can be used standalone or in concert with traditional "Report Distribution and Archiving Systems", to append a robust "push" delivery capability.

CICS2PDF is a CICS tool for the purpose of dynamically creating secure PDF documents for CICS applications. CICS2PDF leverages the advanced PDF overlays and scripting capabilities of our JES2Mail/JES2FTP suite to provide a permanent, portable, secure output solution using Adobe’s PDF format. CICS2PDF supports Adobe Acrobat™ encryption and compression, and can create complex PDF pages containing multiple overlays, watermarks, JPEG and TIFF-F images, annotations, bookmarks and more.

Mail2zOS& FTPSweeper allows you to streamline z/OS application updating and processing. Simplify the updating of z/OS application data and ‘on demand’ processing via email messages and/or attachments. Eliminate open FTP ports, simplify TSO account management, and reduce calls to operations to ‘run a job’.

InterSession is a modern 3270 session manager for mainframes that gives all users secure, fast and convenient access to their applications. After logging on the user is presented with a menu of authorized applications and also gives the users Single Sign-On access. InterSession supports all current IBM mainframe operating systems (z/OS, VSE and VM), and all VTAM application host systems (i.e. CICS, TSO, IMS,...). The TN3270 support supports all current IBM TCP/IP stacks and TCPaccess from CA (Interlink Computer Sciences). InterSession comes with migration tools to help you migrate from old session managers such as Net/Master and TPX.

P-TRACKER - Collects usage information on all program and subprogram calls under z/OS. It covers all environments: batch, IMS/DC, CICS and other sub-systems. Using P-Tracker, one can focus in on usage of modules, datasets, applications and products/licenses and for inhouse applications determine the chained calls at sub-program level. One can quickly and easily identify applications and products that are unused, under-used, duplicated or scattered. Automatically records every program/task invocation on the system, including sub-system level when required.

(E)JES is a systems management tool that provides all the information you need to monitor, manage and control your z/OS JESplex—whether you are running JES2 or JES3. (E)JES panels provide up-to-date information on jobs, printers, queues, and resources in a z/OS JESplex. You can enter (E)JES commands directly from these panels to manage job processes and the operation of system resources.

Key/101 (formerly Keymaster) integrates data input via IBM z architecture mainframes, PCs, data capture devices such as bar code scanners, optical character readers, voice recognition equipment and communication networks. Key/101 accommodates the data input needs of your organization by using standard, general purpose equipment, integrating a wide range of data input systems when needed, and providing a single point of control.