Our primary Products Cover

Change, Risk, Audit, & Compliance Management

Change management, audit and security improvements with system integrity in z/OS, JES, VTAM, TCP/IP, CICS and IODF. Detect the impact of changes and the risks on your primary servers before they strike across your Production Services. Problem finders for TCP/IP, IPv6, EE, and SSL.

z/OS Enhancement Software - Operations & Applications

File encryption and archiving; test data generation; naming standards and audit; and who’s using what in the z/OS software portfolio, automatic identification, backup and recovery of files vital to mission critical applications; …

Test Data Management & Database Productivity (DB2, IMS, Oracle, SQLDS)

Quickly and efficiently copy, refresh and replicate databases, tables, views, etc. within the same or to different DBMS systems/platforms. Reduce CPU service costs: Fastest cloning of pre-production and test DB2 sub-systems, databases and tables in 24x7 environments, Bufferpool optimization, Automated DB maintenance enhancing existing utilities, Exception Master to determine problems before they bring down systems, …

Software Asset Management & z Cost Reduction

Who’s using what and when in the z/OS software portfolio – IBM and ISV products and inhouse applications including also 4GL, Interpreter languages, ISPF, JCL, ...; Automated Software Capping; Offloading audit functions; Capacity planning.