Sustainable Minds

Our aim is always to reach out to new and existing customers and markets with credible greener products and a credible greener sales and support method.

Reducing our environmental footprint and contributing to our communities

As a small company supplying and supporting products globally to large corporations and government agencies the principles of sustainability and the importance of being a responsible business citizen are at the core of our values and reflected in our long-standing business practices.

We have a simple Sustainability Programme which is “think green” – and promote green-IT. Our work practices ALWAYS focus on reducing any negative impact on the environment, making a difference in the communities where we and our employees work and live, and engaging effectively with our people – employees and family, clients, partners and suppliers. This approach ensures our long-term success through improved efficiency and reputation and helps us achieve better results and retain long-term our people and customers.

We conduct our relationships with our suppliers and our customers on a fair and ethical basis, and maintain the highest possible standard of integrity and support in all our business relationships. We treat customers, contractors and suppliers with the same standards regarding diversity and health & safety as our own employees – and we believe those to meet the highest standards required by EU directives.

Supporting our Environmental Targets

In every business transaction, we aim for products and services that help us achieve our environmental targets

Reduce travel except where necessary so use webinars (for promotions and support), conference call facilities, website, electronic mail, ..

Using more recycled products, or products with a high recycled content (e.g. paper, toners, ..)

Efficient use of resources such as energy (heating, electrics, ..) and water

Reducing our energy consumption and ensuring energy efficiency (lights-out and time off the non-strategic machines when not in use)

Minimizing transportation and logistics activity, particularly downloads rather than media transfer, etc..

Reducing waste, and ensuring its proper disposal – limit paper, no photocopying where instead now only scans.

Minimizing other environmental impacts such as noise, water and ground pollution which is relatively easy with a software company based in a village outside heavy traffic areas

Aiding Green-IT for our clients by supplying products which help in reducing Printers/Printing, Storage-expansion, reducing CPU cycles (and power requirements), onsite travel reduction by remote support, …