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* Over the holiday season our office will have a skeleton staff from Tuesday 24 December 2019 until Wednesday 1 January 2020. Full crew back on Thursday 2 January. Emergency numbers are available off our website under CONTACT.

** We attended the GSE UK Conference on Tues 5th to Thurs 7th November in Whittlebury where we had booth 30 with some technical expertise from Phoenix and NewEra Software.
We also, for the mature palate, had tastes of bourbon (Kentucky via Phoenix Software) and Irish Whiskeys (via Fitz Software) during the off-session periods.
See the posting on LINKEDIN by Michael FitzGerald of Fitz Software.

**  Take a look at Craig Mullins Blog on BCV5's Masking Tool.

Some Product updates:
  - 31 Oct 2019, Rel 16 (P-Level GA5) of Integrity Control Environment (Image Focus) 
  - 18 Jul 2019, Rel 6.9.9.a of Zip/390 MULTI-PLATFORM
  - 26 Jun 2019, Rel 7.2 of Intersession (Build 190626-123)
  - 16 Aug 2018, Rel 3.1 (Build D180816) of P-Tracker [and 25 May 2018 of Rel. 2.4, Build E180525] - allows you make informed decisions on z/OS software usage (IBM, ISVs, inhouse)
  - 12 Jul 2018, Rel 4.2 off ASC - AutoSoftCapping (supporting Mobile Workload Pricing with REINVEST OPTION
  - 3 Jan 2019, Rel 16 (P-Level 2) of SAE - Stand Alone Environment 
  - 11 Jul 2019, Rel. 5.8 of (E)JES  

also in DBMS and Test Data
 - 2 Dec 2019, Rel 3.19 of XDM (Build 3-3.19.47)
 - 30 Apr 2019, Rel 4.5 of BCV4 (Build 190430F)
 - 2 Dec 2019, Rel 3.1 of SQLQC (Build 191202F)
 - 4 Dec 2019, Rel 3.1 of BCV5 (Build 191204F)
 - 28 Nov 2019, Rel 3.1 of ULT4DB2 (Build 191128F)
 - 25 Feb 2019, Rel 3.8 of BPA4DB2 (Build 190225F)

Some previous items: 

* Live Webinar: "Ready-To-Use Data Masking Functions for Db2 on z/OS" - on Thursday 29th November, 3.00 pm GMT
* In attendance with stand/booth at GSE-UK Annual Conference in Whittlebury on 5-7 November 2018. Some speakers/sessions of note:
  - Monday 5th at 1410 with JulieAnn Williams & Glennon Bagsby in the Security Stream – “Passwords? To Infinity and Beyond!”. [Session FB]
  - Tuesday 6th at 10.30 with Kai Stroh in the DB2 Work Group - “Copy Smarter - Unload/Load, DSN1COPY and beyond” [Session IE]
  - Tuesday 6th at 15.00 with Gil Peleg in Storage Management stream - Modern archive, backup and recovery for mainframe using cloud object storage” [Session DH]
  - Wednesday 7th at 09.30 with Rebecca Levesque in Storage Management stream - "Air Gap Risk Awareness - Batch is Mission Critical" [Session DJ]

* Webinar: Test Data - Masking, Anonymization and Avoiding Manual Work – Thur. 9th August at 3pm BST

* Webinar: Fast and Effective DB2 for z/OS Test Data Management with BCV5  - Thurs, 26th July at  pm BST

* Webcast - 45 minute webinar on Wed. 21 Feb 2018 at 10.00 GMT - Test Data Management Strategy

   Separating production from all other environments, Refreshing test beds with mass data, Supplying specific data for unit testing

* Webcast Wed. 24 Jan 2018 (1300 GMT) - Cross-Platform Data Mover - Creating Test Data easily and securely in fastest possible time frame

* Were in attendance with booth at GSE-UK Annual Conference in Whittlebury on 7-8 November 2017

* Webcast 26 Apr 2017 - SAM: Building a Case for SAM Manager
* Webcast 11 April 2017 - SAM: Enhancing identification process of internal and external applications
* Webcast 28 Mar 2017 - SAM: Deriving benefits from Software Asset Management

* Were in attendance with booth at GSE-UK Annual Conference in Whittlebury on 1-2 November 2016.We had three of our suppliers arriving into UK for the GSE conference. All had speakers across different subjects:

-       Ed Jaffe (Phoenix Software) discussing z13 experiences - in Large Systems group

-       Glennon Bagsby (NewEra) with Millennia discussing applying security standards (DISA “STIGs”) - in Security Group

-       Rebecca Levesque (21st Century) discussing Attaining workload automation within application backup and operational recovery – in TWS group

-       Paul Eckert (21st Century) discussing Analytics with Efficiencies for HSM and Beyond – in Storage group

* Webcast Thur. 24 March 2016 (1600 GMT, 1200 EDT) - Checking up on your z/OS ESM (External Security Manager)

* Webcast Thur. 31 March 2016 (1700 BST, 1200 EDT) - Checking up on your z/OS ESM (External Security Manager)

Checking up on RACF, ACF/2 & TSS. Looking for true compliance and transparency regarding changes to your commands and your external security manager? OPER offers one "Health Check" to inspect and report on every control point (Approximately 867 control points). See your results with an alert from the IBM Health Checker for z/OS.

* GSE-UK Annual Conference, 3-4 November 2015

* Webcast 28 October 2015 (2pm GMT, 3pm CET) - Keeping data on mainframe and distributed systems up-to-date

* Attending z/Systems Technical University in Dublin on 18-20 May 2015 - at z/Cost booth! See

* Tuesday-Wednesday 3-4 November 2014 - We are attending GSE-UK Conference at Whittlebury - Mike FitzGerald a speaker on Tuesday 3rd at SAM session "UA" - "Finding other cost savings on the mainframe"

* Webinar - Thursday, 23 October 2014, at 1000 BST (1100 CEST). Row Level Processing. A webinar from UBS-Hainer regarding Row Level Processing -  'Preparation of Unit/Function Tests - Copying Business Cases'.

* Webinar - Web. 30th July 2014 at 1000 BST - Saving on z Costs and improving performance with Automated Software Capping

* Webinar - Fri. 11th April at 14.00 BST & Mon. 14th April at 15.00 BST - z/OS compensating controls for monitoring compliance and reporting changes using TCE

* Webinar - Wed. 2nd April at 09.00 BST (10.00 CET) for the webinar to present ULT-UBS Log Tracker.

* Thurs. 20 March 2014 (9.30 - 17.00) - Seminar on Test Data Optimization and Management in conjunction with UBS-Hainer at Shaftesbury House (151 Shaftesbury Avenue London WC2H 8AL).

* 8 Nov 2013 - Webinar - ‘Changes required by system administrators when going to z/OS 2.1’.  This webinar starts with overview of primary changes to z/OS in areas of: System Commands; TCPIP Profile, TN3270 Telnet, TCPIP Data & Resolver, FTP, VTAM; JES2 & JES3; IBM HealthChecker; CICS; Parmlib Members & Keywords, System Symbols

* 24 Oct 2013: Webinar - 'Efficient Software Asset Management with P-Tracker'
How P-Tracker can verify which products and product releases are running across your z/OS enterprise - overview and demo.
* UPGRADING TO DB2 Version 10 - Webinars 13 & 14 June 2013 - Email us for a 1-to-1 webinar session for your company

If your systems are moving to DB2 Version 10, or in everyday Business As Usual activities where you have regular application changes accessing DB2 test databases, then you’re going to be doing a lot of copying and refreshing of databases. Those Unloads and Loads are heavy on DB2 resources as well as slow  with elapsed time for delivery to various play-makers. The BCV5 product does it in 1/10 of the time and with 1/10 of the resources (CPU time, Elapsed Time and manpower).

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