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The Controls Environment - Overview and Demo

If you have any responsibility for the delivery z/OS services, then this webcast will be of interest to you. It will discuss The Controls Environment for the automated change management and detective controls required of those in manager and senior positions in system programming, security, audit or risk management. 


Most IT People are good and do their best in their assigned roles and in any case an organisation must trust people to function, especially those in administrative roles. What is now generally accepted is errors can happen and that close monitoring of highly authorised administrators and users must be considered normal and not be viewed as a punishment by management or impacted employees.


So what is it in z/OS administration that needs to be monitored and automatically detected for review? You don't want to upset trusted employees but still want to enhance current change and security processes!


We will be discussing The Controls Environment solution for z/OS in our 1 hour webcast where you have two date options: Tuesday 12th October and Thursday 14th October, both at 1500 BST (0700 PDT, 1600 CEST). 


To register:


You can register directly using the these links:

Tuesday, 12 October 1500 BST  Click HERE to register.

Thursday 14 October 1500 BST  Click HERE to register

Or contact Linda McGrath at Fitz Software & Co. via email at or via phone at our London number 0207 3320222.