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Product Replacement Options


21 June 2010

Significant Cost Reduction + Superior Functionality = No Brainer
Now more than ever, every pound/euro/dollar counts. Savings in one area can be allocated to other critical areas of the operation or simply lower overall costs. Our product replacement program produces immediate and significant year over year savings, while at the same time delivering products superior to those replaced. Our plug & play replacement upgrades are transparent to end-users and quickly implemented.
If your organization is licensed for one or more replacement candidate products (listed below), we are sure that this program can benefit your organization as it already has for close to one hundred other zSeries installations in the UK and USA.
"For Annual Maintenance Only"
This is a "For Annual Maintenance Only" program. The product license fee is waived 100%. Pay only a significantly lower annual rental fee at your next maintenance renewal due date. No other costs for replacement of existing licenses.
  • No License Fee
  • Fractional Maintenance/Upgrade Fees
  • Superior Features and Support
  • Transparent to End-Users
  • Automated Conversion Aids
  • Increased Performance, Functionality and Security
Some Replacement Candidates

+ PKZIP/SecureZIP for zSeries

+ BufferpoolTool (Responsive Systems), Pool Advisor (BMC), …

+ CA-TPX, CA-Teleview, CL-SuperSession, and other Sessions Managers



Determine the Replacement Candidates Usage

If you need to determine the usage of your z/OS products and find out who's using what, where, when and how often then have a look at our product P-Tracker. It tracks so you can manage!

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