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Combating 'How to break into z/OS systems'

Below is the link for the recorded webcast "Combating How to Break into z/OS Systems" with The Control Editor (from July 1, 2010, 33 mins)

"Combating How to Break into z/OS Systems"


Believe it or not - this is an article available off the net to any budding or retiring systems programmer! (See


According to international statistics, most computer crimes are caused by "current" or "former" staff that have access to security structures and naming conventions. In reality, there are more "front door" rather than "back door" problems. So when someone has the password to get in and the knowledge of the security system but has no legitimate purpose, how is his/her behavior monitored?


We are hosting a series of Webcasts featuring The Control Editor from NewEra Software, which will help you bridge the gap between system security requirements and system programming needs, with the capability of reporting on all changes made to critical system datasets and system configuration settings.


The Control Editor is a z/OS system change management tool that detects, captures and reports z/OS change events in real time - AS THEY OCCUR. It enhances the level of control over system configurations, dynamic system updates and changes to the policies that control RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret.

Who Should Attend

This webcast will be of interest to z/OS systems staff charged with making, monitoring and documenting changes to z/OS, security staff charged with securing z/OS, internal and external auditors charged with ensuring the proper controls are in place, and managers who are responsible for the overall integrity of their z/OS computing platform.


To register for the webcast of your choice, email us your details ( or click on a link below and follow the "Register" instructions.

The Control Editor Update

Tuesday, 29 June 2010 - 15.00 BST

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The Control Editor Update

Thursday, 1 July 2010 - 15.00 BST

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